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Giant Homer Simpson a bit of fun or disrespectful?

Giant Homer
Giant Homer

A giant underpants-wearing, doughnut-waving Homer Simpson has been painted on the hill next to the famous 180ft carving of the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset.

The painting, a promotional stunt for the upcoming Simpsons movie has upset some, and amused others.

Pagans have condemned the stunt as disrespectful, and plan to perform “rain magic” to wash away the water-based biodegradable character.

The landlord of the local pub the New Inn said it was different, but had not heard any complaints so far – he also added that he wasn’t sure if many of the locals would actually know who Homer was anyway!

What ever your views, I personally can’t help thinking the money spent on the stunt could have been used for an alternative form of publicity!

Perhaps a giant doughnut shaped crop circle for instance?

Note: you heard the crop circle idea here first!


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