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Dorset UFOs 2008 – 2010

Dorset, like most counties in the UK has its fare share of UFO sightings, most go unpublished and are never investigated properly. Here at Cryptoworld, we have received a few reports, but not as many as we would like. Attached is a small list of UFO reports and stories published in the Dorset Echo between 2008 and 2010, which may help shed some light of other sightings during that time.
UFO over Bournemouth, Dorset
UFO over Bournemouth, Dorset

Dorset, like most counties in the UK has its fare share of UFO sightings, however, most go unpublished and are never investigated properly. Here at Cryptoworld, we have received a number of reports, but not as many as we would like.

Below is a small list of UFO reports and stories published by the Dorset Echo between 2008 and 2010. Hopefully it might help shed some light on some of the other sightings during that time.

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Cover-ups or just vivid imaginations5th August 2010
DID Sir Winston Churchill help to cover up a close encounter between a UFO and an RAF aircraft during the Second World War?

This is just one of many fascinating claims in newly released Ministry of Defence (MoD) files revealed today.

What was the UFO? Here’s the answer…3rd August 2010
A mystery object had Bournemouth photographer Joe Weil and his mates baffled for a while at the weekend, but he soon discovered a sensible explanation.

Meteor shower sparks UFO calls20th April 2010
A METEOR shower is believed to have sparked a spate of calls to coastguards on Friday night from people who thought they were seeing flares or UFOs.

A Portland coastguard spokesman said there had been reports of green flare sightings up and down the coast, from Brixham to Southampton, at around 10pm.

Ministry of Defence releases top secret UFO files17th February 2010
The debate about the existence of extra-terrestrials has been re-ignited with the release of previously top secret files by the Ministry of Defence.

Dorset UFO sightings – the explanation8th May 2009
Was it a UFO? A flying saucer? A celestial message from on high? Sadly none of the above.

The conspiracy theorists can pack up their notebooks for now. The mysterious orange orbs spotted floating across Weymouth and Portland at the weekend can now be identified merely as …

Mystery sightings of orange orbs floating across evening sky6th May 2009
Puzzled residents are trying to solve the mystery of orange ‘flame-like’ orbs spotted floating across the sky.

Several sightings of the strange spherical objects have been reported in recent days.

Nina Seymour said she saw the object travelling north-west to south-east over the Haylands Estate on Portland at around 9.20pm on Saturday night.

I saw a UFO over Bournemouth and I’m not crazee…3rd April 2009
DON’T accuse him of being all crazee now – but rocker Noddy Holder of Slade says he felt the noize when he had a close encounter with a UFO in Bournemouth.

The colourful star, most famous for the ubiquitous festive hit Merry Xmas Everybody, said he saw a circular flying saucer, emitting beams of light, flying over the sea while staying in the town.

UFO researcher seeking man who made sighting13th March 2009
I AM researching UFO sightings and I’m trying to locate the whereabouts of Alan Christopher who was living at Parkstone, Dorset, in the late 1970s. I would like to speak to him about a UFO he sighted over the Portland/Wyke Regis area in early November 1969.

A mysterious ball of orange flame seen above Weymouth reopens UFO debate19th January 2009
A MYSTERIOUS ‘ball of orange flame’ has been seen hovering above Weymouth.

The strange object was spotted high above Westham last Friday evening by sisters Cheryl Ashwood and Stacey Follan.

They describe seeing a perfectly spherical object, that looked like it was on fire, which moved slowly from Lanehouse towards Portland.

Did you see lights in sky over Christchurch?27th November 2008
Several people reported seeing a UFO over the sea south of Mudeford on Saturday night.

A Mudeford man was visiting a friend in the St Catherine’s Hill area of Christchurch and saw unexplained lights in the sky over Hengistbury Head.

“I went outside to get something from my car and I noticed something moving around outside in the south or south-east direction,” he said. “It wasn’t an aircraft, because I checked with Bournemouth Airport, and it wasn’t a Chinese lantern or a shooting star.

Aliens land in Wyke Regis8th November 2008
Shocked pupils arrived at school to find a spaceship had crash-landed in their playground.

Youngsters at Wyke Regis Junior School in Weymouth spotted debris from where the alien craft had touched down and blasted off again – including burn marks and slimy green footprints. Police sealed off the scene while a government scientist took readings and probed the evidence.

RAF officer tracked UFOs over Sopley30th September 2008
A RADAR supervisor who tracked a “squadron” of UFOs from RAF Sopley is to talk publicly about the episode for the first time.

The sighting, alleged to have been hushed-up by the RAF, took place in 1971.

Radar supervisor, Wing Commander Alan Turner, 68, will tell the UFO Data Magazine annual conference in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, about his experience. He will be one of 10 speakers at the two-day conference on October 25 and 26, joining people such as Rosalind Reynolds who claims to have been abducted by aliens in September 1983 and Kevin Goodman, an expert on UFOs at Warminster.

Space oddity14th May 2008
The truth is out there – or is it? Previously unseen files detailing reports of unidentified flying objects have been released by the Ministry of Defence and prove that there is actually no such thing as a UFO.

The general public now has access to the data thanks to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by UFO researchers, but it might not be quite what they wanted to hear.

Is the truth out there?20th February 2008
A retired couple may have had a close encounter of the third kind while out for an evening stroll near their Parkstone home.

Jack and Shirley Kendal were taking shots of the sunset, earlier this month, to use up film on a disposable camera, when they inadvertently snapped a cigar-shaped object hovering over the Fleetsbridge area.


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