Cryptoworld is back!

So its been almost a month, my only defence is that the move from one server to the other took longer than I intended (and a little bit stressful at times).

Everything should be running as before, although you will have probably noticed we have had a bit of a redesign. It’s not completely finished, we are still missing the new features (see below), but as I promised the site would be back up by the end of this week, I thought I had better make the effort. So here it is…what do you think?

Normal service ‘should’ now resume, but there will probably be a few hiccups over the next few days as I tidy up a few loose ends – like restoring the original Operation Deathworm Blog for instance!

As for the new features, the most exciting will be a video archive, showing clips from our investigations and expeditions. The clips will also be available for download as a video-podcast, so you will also be able to watch them on your portable music/video player of choice!

A few other features are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more on these soon.

OK, that about wraps it up for now, thanks for being so patient, hope you all have a fantastic 2007.


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