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Cryptoworld is back!

So its been almost a month, my only defence is that the move from one server to the other took longer than I intended (and a little bit stressful at times).

Everything should be running as before, although you will have probably noticed we have had a bit of a redesign. It’s not completely finished, we are still missing the new features (see below), but as I promised the site would be back up by the end of this week, I thought I had better make the effort. So here it is…what do you think?

Normal service ‘should’ now resume, but there will probably be a few hiccups over the next few days as I tidy up a few loose ends – like restoring the original Operation Deathworm Blog for instance!

As for the new features, the most exciting will be a video archive, showing clips from our investigations and expeditions. The clips will also be available for download as a video-podcast, so you will also be able to watch them on your portable music/video player of choice!

A few other features are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more on these soon.

OK, that about wraps it up for now, thanks for being so patient, hope you all have a fantastic 2007.


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CW Staff

In the late 80s I started investigating UFOs and crop circles and joined the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) and a local group researching strange sightings and reports along the south coast of Dorset (UK). In the early ’90s I started my own research group called SPS (Strange Phenomena Studies), this was renamed in 2004 to Cryptoworld.

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  1. Hi, I do plan on getting back to you aout my past experieances with UFO’s in Northern Alberta. I have been really busy with my bussines. So, I will talk too you soon.

  2. The first time I saw a U.F.O was in the spring of 1974, I was with my parents when we were fishing on a boat at Cold Lake, Alberta. We were on the Martinue river, that runs into Cold Lake . I was only 11 years old, but i remember looking into the sky and seeing a grey colored object over the top of the trees near the river. I stared at it for about an hour and contemplated to myself , that this is not a plane, or helicopter, or anything I have ever seen : it made no noise and just sat there still, hovering in the air. So, I asked my father , ” dad what is that hovering over our boat” and my father looked up and said “get your fishing rod in right in f…ing now”. Dad franticly started yanking on the pull start on the boat and my mother was silent and terrified. We were about five miles from the boat lanch and started on our way back, the U.F.O followed us and hovered above while we loaded the boat on the boat trailer. The UFO ship was just above the trees, we had to drive 20 miles back to town of Grand Centre, which is a mile from the AirForce base where my father was an officer. The UFO followed us right into town , we got back to our house and my brother was outside and I said to him to look up at the UFO. And right at that moment of my brother looking up the UFO shot into the sky.
    Immediatly , my father phoned the airport tower on the Medly base, they replied that it was a weather balloon. Balloons don,t take off at light speed. We did not believe what the Tower said.
    Later that summer, my friends and I where out at the Lake enjoying my friends fathers new luxery boat. No adults were with us, and then all of a sudden a large UFO shot out of the water and in seconds dissapeared into the sky. It was amazing, the ship barely left a ripple in the water.

    Years later, my father retired from the Air Force and moved up to Slave Lake, Alberta. My brothers and I noticed in the skies that there was lots of UFO activity. For example, my two brothers and father went hunting one morning and they split up into different directions. My oldest brother heard something and looked up to find a UFO craft above his him and just shot through the bush and above the trees line. That abrubtly ended the hunting trip.
    The followint year my parents wanted to help out this family we knew back in Nova Scotia. My parents helped them out finacialy to make the move to Slave Lake, Alberta. When they arrived we had explained to them that the closests denists was in the town of Athabasca. That is , 50 miles from Slave Lake. We had told them about the countless UFO sightings that we have seen shooting out of the old mountains north east of the Slave river. Allmost every night one could see the obects shot out of the hills and do a configured dance in the sky, usually about three of them at a time. Anyways, this family had to take their child to the denist in Athabasca. There are no towns or gas stations for the whold 50 mile stretch. When they returned to our house, because they were living with us , they were terrified of what they had experienced. They said a UFO ship flew out of the forest and went above the car , then flew onto the side of the car ,in the other lane and flew to the other side of the car and just shot back into the forest.
    It was not hard to believe because my English teacher had told me the exact same story when it happened to him on the same journey to Athabasca.
    The strangest thing to happen to me was in 1985 when I was driving the back roads outside of Calgary, Alberta up and around Black Diamond. I was going to visit my uncle in the Crowsnest Pass. I had never driven there before so I asked my brother which was the fastest way to get there. He tells me to take the Black Diamond roads. That was a mistake , the pavement ended and my friend and I where on a dirt road going into the mountains. It was pitch black and not a car on the road. All of a sudden the whole sky lit up like daylight, I could see the trees and mountain as plain as day. My car lights went out and my dashboard lights went out and never worked ever again after that. And then the car stalled I was confused and terrified. I tried starting the car and nothing would happed. It finally did start and we went on our journey, but something odd was wrong we lost two hours in our travels. I do not know what happened between those lost hours. My friend to this day swears that we were abducted, but I do not believe him I have not the faintest remembrance of that .
    Over the years I have seen lots of those oragne balls floating over lakes in the mountains and in the bush in Northern Alberta. And many other bizzare things, that can not be explained. I have never talked about this too anyone because most do not believe in the unknown and don’t want to believe.

    Glen Davidson

  3. Glen, thanks for sharing this with everybody. As you say, it’s very difficult to talk to people about this subject, even if the person you are talking to does believe or have even witnessed something themselves.

    I feel I ought to dedicate a whole post to your story, perhaps we can talk some more about your experiences and try and engage a few more responses from other witnesses who have had similar experiences?

    Thanks again, speak to you soon,

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