30 years of Ivan Mackerle

Little Gobi, Mongolia
Little Gobi, Mongolia

Famed for hunting the Mongolian Deathworm, the self-made Cryptozoologist Ivan Mackerle receives an excellent review in the Prague Post.

Mackerle, 65, and his small band of friends have travelled across the Gobi desert, hacked through the jungles of Madagascar, and scuba dived remote Micronesian islands to name but a few.

Ivan was one the main influences for our very own expedition to Mongolia in 2005 where we also searched for the Allghoi khorkhoi. You can read more about Operation Deathworm here.

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  1. […] was the boyhood reading of the foremost investigator of the Mongolian Death Worm, Czech author Ivan Mackerle. When he grew up, he searched for the Worm on two occasions in 1990 and 1992, using night-vision […]

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