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Back on track – where have I been for the last two months?

Megalithic Tomb, France
Megalithic Tomb, France

Man, everything changes so quickly. I have been in France and Italy for the last two months with my girlfriend, travelling and exploring a part of the world that is right on our doorstep (I live in the UK just in case you didn’t know), yet for some reason we rarely visit.

We had planed to stay away for longer, but unfortunately had to cut the trip short because our motorhome was broken into in Pisa, Italy and everything was stolen, clothes, food and some personal belongings – bit of a nightmare really! But looking at things positively, it means we now have the chance to have a fresh start, something we have both been trying to do since moving out of London last year.

Anyway, enough of our troubles, we are both fine, have each other and the things taken were materialistic and can be replaced, and after all, this site is about weird and wonderful things, and we saw plenty of those, especially in France.

Gouffre de Padirac, France
Gouffre de Padirac, France

I am planing to write about some of the places we visited, unfortunately most of our photos were taken, so I will have to rely on stock pictures for some of them, but my note books was left and my memory is still fresh so all is not lost.

Rather than delving right in now, I thought I would tempt you with a few places we visited and by committing them to print will also mean I will have to write about them – so pester me if I appear to have forgotten!

Some places we visited, would like to re-vist and which I will write about are, Mont Saint-Michel, Carnac and it’s 3000+ standing stones, Gouffre de Padirac, Prehistoric Peche Merle Caves and the lovely Rennes le Chateau.

So stay tuned, news, stories and updates are on there way.

P.S. If you happen to be the person who stole all of our stuff, including the pictures, we would appreciate it if you could send us the black backup device, or at least a copy of the pictures on CD.

Note: Amazingly my Laptop found its way home and I have managed to recover 90% of the photos – so I now have no excuse for not writing about the places we visited!


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