Very Weird Unknown life form found in Sewers!


Good old YouTube, this is a rather weird video of a remote controlled sewer-cam, used to search for blockages and to inspect the overall condition of sewer.

Sewer Monster!

Unfortunately there is no reference to size or scale, but I’m guessing the pipes aren’t that big – possible too small to walk or even crawl through?

YouTube Preview Image

So what is it? Most YouTube comments are suggesting it’s a form of bryozoan, a tiny colonial animal that generally builds a stony skeletons of calcium carbonate similar to coral.

But whatever these things are they don’t appear to have a hard structure! That’s when I discovered that some species of bryozoan can lack any calcification and instead have a mucilaginous or viscous like structure (source: Wikipedia).

Others have suggested it could be aestivating land snails waking up (seems unlikely as it’s generally wet in the servers) or even a type of fresh water jellyfish?

Anybody out there have an answer? Or suggestion?

UPDATE: The mystery has been solved.
Check out the new post “Sewer Creature is REAL – but not what you’d expect!” for more information.

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