Orange balls of light seem over South London

Islington UFOs?

Islington UFOs?

Crowds of people gathered in Balham and Tooting (South London) last week to watch two sets of orange lights fly in formation across the night sky.

The lights were seen shortly before midnight on Friday (4th August). Four lights were seen moving across the night sky before disappearing up into the sky.

Shortly after that another set of four lights appeared and did the same thing. Witnesses said the lights moved silently, they were making no noise at all.

Aliens? UFOs? Or just Lanterns?

Decide for yourself, read the full article: Did aliens visit Balham and Tooting?

UPDATE: there are now lots of sightings and reports on Cryptoworld. One possible answer to all of this can be found here Lights, Lanterns and UFOs! Alternatively, check out the Similar Posts links below.

UPDATE: 4th March 2012: Video: Meteor seen across Britain, 3rd March 2012

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