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Video: Epic battle between Black-Eyed Squid and Owlfish

Black-Eyed Squid has been videoed catching and paralyzing an Owlfish

A Black-eyed squid has been videoed catching and paralyzing an owlfish. After catching the fish it’s believed the squid paralyze it by cutting through the fish’s backbone.

Interesting the owlfish has a clever defensive mechanism where it can shed its large scales and then with a flick of it’s tail escape leaving it’s pray with just the discarded scales — but unfortunately this tactic doesn’t appear to have worked this time.

A squid and owlfish battle in Monterey Bay - Nov. 11, 2013. Credit: MBARI
A squid and owlfish battle in Monterey Bay – Nov. 11, 2013. Credit: MBARI
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IumiGIM26wc[/youtube] This video shows a deep-sea squid Gonatus onyx fighting to eat an owlfish Pseudobathylagus milleri. It was recorded using remotely operated vehicle Doc Ricketts.

Thanks to its sharp beak, a small red squid emerged victorious after an epic hour-long battle with a much bigger owlfish, all caught on video last November in Monterey Bay, Calif.

The black-eyed squid paralyzed the owlfish by cutting through the fish’s backbone, according to Bruce Robinson, a senior scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Robinson narrates a video of the fight between invertebrate and vertebrate, captured by MBARI’s remotely operate vehicle Doc Ricketts on Nov. 11, 2013.

The Doc Ricketts discovered the struggling marine creatures at about 1,475 feet (450 meters) below Monterey Bay as the vehicle was rising toward the surface, said Susan von Thun, an MBARI senior research technician. Scientists watched the scene play out for 50 minutes before the ROV had to continue its journey, Von Thun told LiveScience.

“They were sinking rapidly the whole time, and we think that’s part of [the squid’s tactic,” Von Thun said. “We see a lot of feeding events and often times the squid gets startled and lets go, but this guy held on for the whole time that we watched it.”

By the time the ROV left, the squid and owlfish had dropped to a depth of 1,970 feet (600 m), Von Thun said.

Source: Epic Undersea Battle Caught on Video


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