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UK Guardian poopoos Borneo’s 100ft snake

Nabau cruising along the Baleh River in Kapit?

Ok, well to be honest the Guardian does have a point, the recent photo of an alleged 100 foot long snake cruising a river in Borneo has sparked huge debate and more importantly concern for locals living along the river – but it is “probably” just a fake, isn’t it?

Helen Pidd, author of Borneo’s 100ft snake stretches the truth, seems to think it’s definitely a fake and makes a point of saying, “The Guardian is not the first to point out a few problems with this photo. In fact, anyone with eyes, a vague ability to judge distances and an average talent for distinguishing truth from nonsense can see it is clearly made up. It is tempting to stick a “probably” in here in the style of those atheist bus adverts, just in case mutant fresh water serpents really do exist along with God and heaven and resurrection.”

Source: Guardian UK


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