Two-headed and multi-legged animals seem to always catch peoples imagination. This piglet is great, but I can’t help feeling it won’t live long.

Two-headed piglet born in China

A piglet in china has been born with two conjoined heads.

The newborn piglet in Nanchang, the capital of eastern China’s Jiangxi Province, has three eyes, two noses and two mouths.

It was recently born among a litter of ten, but clearly stands out from the rest – and would be a formidable foe at feeding time if it didn’t get so confused, its owner said.

Farmer Du Gensheng said: ‘The others were normal, except this one.

‘When it tries to suckle the milk, it hesitates about which mouth to suckle the nipples.

‘And sometimes one mouth wants to suck this nipple, while the other mouth tries another nipple and then both failed.’

Unfortunately for this little piggy, the condition of having two heads significantly reduces life expectancy

Source: Formidable foe at feeding time: Two-headed piglet born in China

Written by CW Staff

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