Thousands of new sea species found

Weird Elbow Crab
Weird Elbow Crab

A French-led marine expedition team has discovered what is believed to be thousands of new species of molluscs and crustaceans around a Philippine island.

The announcement was made by officials and scientists on Monday.

Some 80 scientists, technicians, students and volunteers from 19 countries led by Philippe Bouchet of the French National Museum of Natural History surveyed waters around Panglao island, 400 miles south-east of Manila from 2004-2005.

The Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project turned over more than a hundred “holotype” or representative specimen of the rare finds to the Philippine National Museum on Monday.

They represent the single largest entry of holotypes to the museum, officials said.

“Numerous species were observed and photographed alive, many for the first time, and it is estimated that 150-250 of the crustaceans and 1,500-2,500 of the molluscs are new species,” the expedition team’s statement said.

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