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Police hunt Big Cat near London

Puma - Big Cat?
Puma - Big Cat?

Police launched an air search yesterday (24th October 2006) after a number of people reported seeing a big ‘black’ cat near Weald Country Park, Brentwood.

Essex Police said it is now interviewing several people who had reported seeing the animal, which has been described as being the size of a puma.

People have been urged to report any sighting to the police, but not to approach the animal. Pet owners have also been advised to keep their animals inside.

The police are expected to liaise with wildlife experts to draw up a plan based on the information they have received so far.

A police spokeswoman said there has been an unconfirmed report of a deer being killed by the cat, but so far, no carcass has been found.

She also added “Experts say that once a cat of this kind (and size) has eaten, it will find somewhere to sleep and would usually take the carcass with it. So possible a reason why nothing has been found.

Do you live near the Weald Country Park? Have you seen or heard a story about the Big Cat? Cryptoworld would like to hear from you if you have. Contact Cryptoworld.

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  1. I have heard a big cat warn off my dogs with a very loud hiss, twice this week & have seen a large pair of extremely reflective green eyes in my torch beam on the third night, which followed me in the same area!
    I contacted the local police (Brentwood) to report this on wednesday 22/04/09 & was told that someone would be contacting me about this but nobody has contacted me yet,
    The area where I have come into contact with this animal is deserted & marshy with plenty of cover & game for it to hunt.

    My Ref: Mr Alvin Toulson
    (I am a Licensed London Black Taxi Driver)

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