Mystery surrounds Lions death at Turkish Zoo

Tiger kills Lion in Turkish zoo

Tiger kills Lion in Turkish zoo

This is bizarre, why has this story only just come out — how did a Bengal Tiger get its paw through a fence and kill a lion? Perhaps zoos shouldn’t keep similar animals together? Perhaps we shouldn’t keep them in zoos at all!

In Ankara Zoo, Turkey, a Bengal Tiger has killed a lion, after finding its way through the fencing which separated the animals. Turkish zoo officials say the Bengal Tiger killed the lion with one swipe of its paw, severing its jugular vein.

The lion was left dying in a pool of blood. Officials deny reports that the fencing was deficient or that the zoo is dangerous, claiming it was a one-off incident which has now been solved. Ankara Zoo has six tigers and two lions.

The tiger stuck its front leg through a gap in the door which separated the animals and dealt a swift blow the lion’s neck, killing it almost instantly. Media reports that the tiger had torn through the fence and then torn the lion to pieces were totally misfounded, zoo officials claimed.

However, the question remains, why is this incident only being publicised now, since it happened on September 4, 2010?

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Horror at Ankara Zoo
Tiger kills lion in Turkish zoo


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