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Hairy Crab!

Marine biologists have discovered the "Yeti Crab", a new species of crustacean, that resembles something in-between a lobster and a crab — but the most amazing thing about the new species is that is appears to be covered in a silk-like fur!

The US-lead diving expedition found the creature in April of 2005 in water 2,300m (7,540ft) deep, 900 miles south of Easter Island.

The Yeti Crab (Kiwa hirsuta), is so different from any other species that scientists have decided to create a whole new taxonomic family for it.

The Hairy Crab - Kiwa Hirsuta
The Hairy Crab - Kiwa Hirsuta

Kiwa hirsuta is around 15cm (6in) long, white in colour and probably blind. The general shape and appearance resembles that of the freshwater “squat lobster” found in South America, but the new species has only be found living near the highly toxic hydrothermal vents of the Pacific deep sea.

The fur-like substance known as setae, covering the creature is similar to that of the Chinese mitten crabs, and appears to contain bacteria. Scientist are unsure if this bacteria is naturally growing or cultivated by the crustacean, it could be used as food or even help clear the highly toxic minerals away from the water around the creature.

New species are found in the sea every year, but the researchers who found the Yeti Crab said it’s rare to find a new species that requires a new family name. The new mane Kiwaida, comes from Kiwa, the goddess of crustaceans in Polynesian mythology.

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