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France taken to court over great hamster disappearance!

Endangered Black-bellied Hamster
Endangered Black-bellied Hamster

The European Commission plans to take France to Europe’s highest court for failing to protect the great hamster of Alsace (Belgium), a species threatened with extinction, an official said Thursday.

The official, who is linked to the proceedings and declined to be named, said that French authorities had refused all approaches by the commission to protect the small mammal, also known as the European hamster.

According to the EU’s executive body, the rodent requires around 240,000 hectares ( 600,000 acres) of protected land to thrive, but the species has been shoe-horned into under 3,500 hectares in eastern France, reducing its food supply.

Once considered a pest by farmers in the Alsace region, where about 80 percent of the land is used to grow corn, the hamster has been protected since 1993 and is considered one of the most threatened mammals in Europe.

European black-bellied Hamster
European black-bellied Hamster

Its numbers have plummeted from over 1,000 in 2001 to fewer than 200 in 2007, and have continued to decline over the last two years.

The commission is taking the action at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the official said, to force France to take action to save the hamster, which is also under threat from increasing urbanisation in the region.

The European Hamster, Cricetus cricetus, also known as the Black-bellied Hamster, is a species of hamster native to Europe. It is typically found in low-lying farmland, although it may also inhabit meadows, gardens and hedges. It is widely considered a farmland pest, and has also been trapped for its fur.

European hamsters are much larger than the Syrian hamsters or dwarf hamsters commonly kept as pets, being around 10-15 cm longer than guinea pigs. In captivity, the European hamster has an unusually long life span, living up to eight years. They are very rarely kept as pets and have been known to attack large dogs if they feel threatened.

Source: Yahoo News and Wikipedia.

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