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Flying Monsters

Flying Hogfish
Flying Hogfish?

A new crypozoology “flap” (quit literarily) is taking place. A flying monster has reportedly be snapped by an amateur photographer at a Macachín airport in La Pampa, Argentina.

It does look a bit odd and could easily be some kind of flying animal, but it could also be one of a hundred other things, a propeller for instance – it was taken at an airport!

The amateur photographer Fabian Romano said he spotted the fast-moving “being” but was only able to take a single photo before it flew away. He then sent the photo to a local UFO study group which decided it showed a creature who in turn reported it to the Police.

It is then reported that the Police used high-tech equipment to enhance the image, revealing that the “thing” had eyes and a beak. The special criminal division even estimated the size of the creature to be up to 2ft 7 in tall!

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