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Five favourites from 2008


Photo of Polish UFO?
Photo of Polish UFO?

We are already in February, so I thought it was about time I posted a few links to some the most popular stories/articles from 2008.

Below is the Top 5 most viewed stories. I’ll post another short list of the most commented and perhaps even the least viewed stories soon.

4 new Thylacine sightings in 3 months!
Four sightings of one of the world’s most fabled creatures have been reported to an independent researcher in the past three months.

Windermere Lake-Monster Sighting
A university lecturer and his wife have told of their surprise and subsequent horror at seeing what he can only describe as a Loch Ness type lake-monster in Lake Windermere.

Top 100 Endangered Species
Recent studies indicate that almost 75 per cent of the world’s most extraordinary threatened mammals are receiving little or no conservation attention.

Orange balls of light seem over South London
Crowds of people gathered in Balham and Tooting (South London to watch two sets of orange lights fly in formation across the night sky.

Weird UFO photographed in Poland
A UFO photo allegedly taken at the end of June or the beginning of July 1995 by Mrs Korejwo, a Polish school teacher.


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