Cryptomundo’s Coleman strapped for cash

Loren Coleman

Loren Coleman

The self made Cryptozoologist, author and founder of the Cryptomundo blog, Loren Coloeman appears to have run out of money and is asking for donations to keep him and his website(s) alive.

Cryptozoology like any hobby is not cheap, but when it becomes your main source of income, I can imagine it is very hard to make ends meet, especially when you have to race off across the country and world to investigate sightings of the elusive cryptid.

A lot of work can be done from the office, but it doesn’t matter how much research you do for books and TV shows — you eventually need to get out there in the field, and do some real investigation – which costs money…

You can read more on Loren’s wows here No Bread. No Blog.

I must say, I’m surprised that what appears to have been a very successful blog is costing so much money to run – especially with all the advertisement!


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