Boy finds Mammoth carcass in Siberia

A boy in Siberia has discovered a well-preserved mammoth carcass, frozen in mud. It’s thought the mammoth was around 16 years old when it died, and stood about 2 meters tall.

Mammoth carcass found in Siberia

A well-preserved mammoth carcass has been found in the permafrost of northern Siberia by an 11-year-old boy.

The remains were discovered at the end of August in Sopochnaya Karga, 3,500km (2,200 miles) northeast of Moscow.

A team of experts from St Petersburg then spent five days in September extracting the body from frozen mud.

The mammoth is estimated to have been around 16 years old when it died; it stood 2m tall and weighed 500kg.

It has been named Zhenya, after Zhenya Salinder, the 11-year-old who found the carcass while walking his dogs in the area.

Source: Mammoth carcass found in Siberia


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