Blind Legless Lizard Discovered

Cool, a new species of Lizard has been discovered in Cambodia. What’s interesting about the lizard is that it’s completely blind and has no legs — it kind of resembles a slow worm, but is thought to have evolved to live in caves.

Worm? Snake? No, a legless lizard

Worm? Snake? No, a legless lizard

Scientists have discovered a new species of lizard in Cambodia, which has neither eyes nor legs.

Neang Thy, a zoologist with the Ministry of Environment in Cambodia and Fauna & Flora International (FFI), found the worm-like creature while he was exploring the Cardamom Mountains.

He noticed it when he overturned a log and managed to capture and examine it.

The blind reptile looks like a snake, but it is actually a lizard that has evolved to live underground – losing its legs to enable it to push through the soil by wriggling its body.

I guess it’s possibly that there could easily be more creatures like this out there — who knows, the Mongolian Deathworm just might be real!

Source: Blind legless lizard species discovered in Cambodia


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