Maria Layton was shocked to find a rare Brazilian Wandering spider in her supermarket bananas, that can give a male victim a painful four-hour erection!

Infested: One of the bananas bought by Maria Layton from Tesco

Infested: One of the bananas bought by Maria Layton from Tesco

But before you rush off to Tesco looking for banans, it worth pointing out that this species of spider is one of the most deadly in the world, and can kill a human in hours, the unfortunate (possible fortunate) side effect is very rare and definitely not worth the risk, as it can also lead to impotence!

Maria Layton discovered they were Brazilian Wandering Spiders (Picture: SWNS)

Maria Layton discovered they were Brazilian Wandering Spiders (Picture: SWNS)

Shocked shopper Maria Layton found rare spiders inside her supermarket bananas – whose bite can give men a four-hour erection.

Maria, 43, spotted the arachnids after opening the bag of yellow fruit she bought from Tesco, in Pontardawe, South Wales.

She believed the bananas, shipped from Costa Rica, were infested with eggs from the Brazilian Wandering Spider – the most deadly in the world.

The species is deadly and its venom can kill a human in just two hours – but can also give male victims a painful four-hour erection.

Source: Yahoo News and Metro.

Brazilian Wandering spider

Phoneutria, commonly known as Brazilian wandering spiders, armed spiders, or banana spiders, are a genus of aggressive and venomous spiders of potential medical significance to humans. They are mainly found in tropical South America, with one species in Central America. These spiders are members of the Ctenidae family of wandering spiders.

The Brazilian wandering spiders appear in Guinness World Records from 2010 as the world’s most venomous spider. Guinness World Records states that although the Brazilian wandering spider venom is the most toxic, an effective antivenom is available and few fatalities occur.

Aside from causing intense pain, the venom of the spider can also cause priapism in humans. Erections resulting from the bite are uncomfortable, can last for many hours and can lead to impotence. A component of the venom (Tx2-6) is being studied for use in erectile dysfunction treatments. (Wikipedia)

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