African Golden Cat filmed hunting Red Colobus Monkeys (Video)

Short but sweat footage of African Golden Cat hunting red colobus monkeys. The African Golden cat is highly secretive and rarely photographed, most photos are from camera-traps where they are seen grooming or sniffing the camera lens.

African Golden cat hunting red colobus monkeys – Uganda.
The video is from inside Kibale National Park.

African Golden cat hunting red colobus monkeys (slow motion)

African golden cats are hardly ever photographed in the wild. In their rare, camera-trap cameos, the cats are usually seen licking their spotted fur or innocuously inspecting the unfamiliar lens.

But recently, scientists captured a much more dynamic scene: a golden cat crashing a party of red colobus monkeys in Uganda.

African golden cat being harassed by monkeys in a tree – Uganda

Source: African Golden Cat Attacks Monkeys Video

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