19 Manatees Rescued from Florida Storm Drain

Amazing, 19 Manatees have been rescued from a Storm Drain at Satellite Beach, Florida after they swam into the drain seeking warmth during a recent cold spell in the area.

Gentle giants rescued from #SatelliteBeach storm drain #manateerescue

Gentle giants rescued from #SatelliteBeach storm drain #manateerescue

Rescuers working late into the night freed 19 manatees who were stuck in a storm drain in central Florida. Capt. Jay Dragon of the Satellite Beach Fire Department said early Tuesday that the 19 manatees were all alive and were returned to the Indian River Lagoon System. A manatee-rescue team from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, along with police and firefighters, were helping the marine mammals Monday evening. Rescuers brought heavy earth-moving equipment to the Satellite Beach neighbourhood, located on a barrier island along the Atlantic Ocean. Authorities initially said there were as many as 15 manatees stuck in the drain.

19 Manatees Rescued After Mass Stranding in Storm Drain in Central Florida

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