Giant Wasp Nest Discovered in Abandoned Home

A 21-foot wide wasp nest housing millions of wasps has been discovered in an abandoned house

Police in San Sebastian de la Gomera (Canary islands) have cordoned off the abandoned house after neighbours reported large numbers of wasps swarming around the house. So far the Police haven’t been able to contact the owner and are undecided what to do!

Giant Wasp Nest

Giant Wasp Nest

POLICE in San Sebastián de la Gomera have cordoned off an abandoned house after finding a seven-metre-long wasp nest.

Officers were called out by worried neighbours of the empty home in the island’s capital and say the nest was in an indoor hallway and contained literally millions of wasps.

Close up of Giant Wasp Nest

Close up of Giant Wasp Nest

The unusually large hive was discovered by local police officers after they had received numerous calls from concerned members of the community regarding large numbers of wasps swarming around an uninhabited house in San Sebastián de La Gomera. Measuring no less than 7 meters in size, the gargantuan structure doesn’t seem to have been built by the common type of wasp found in European gardens, but by an invasive species that must have migrated from Africa. The Canary Islands are located less than 100 kilometers from Morocco by water, so that’s a very likely scenario.

Source: Seven-metre wasp nest found in abandoned house and Scary Mother Nature – Giant Wasp Nest Housing Millions of Stingers Found in Abandoned House


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