Ancient Devil Frog Discovered

Beelzebub 'Devil' Frog

Beelzebub 'Devil' Frog

Evidence of a giant frog the size of a bowling ball, with body armour and teeth that lived alongside dinosaurs millions of years ago has been discovered in Madagascar by paleontologist from Stony Brook University.

The 10 pound 16 inch monster lived around 65-70 million years ago, but bizarrely its closest know ‘living’ relative, a normal size frog, lives in South America. Raising new questions about the geology of the earth and how the contents have sifted over time.

The monster frog has been officially named Beelzebufo by researcher Catherine Forster. She took “Beelzebub,” the Hebrew word for devil, and combined it with the Latin “bufo”, meaning frog or toad.

Devil Frog seems to be the perfect name for this monster, as it has been suggested it may well have been big enough to eat hatchling dinosaurs!

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