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Bella Coola Bigfoot

Bigfoot tracks found in Bella Coola, BC Canada

Sasquatch/Bigfoot prints found outside a house in Bella Coola, BC Canada on Feb 19th 2013. At least one mold/cast was made of the 17 inch foot prints. On the morning of Tuesday, February 19, Obie Mack looked out his window and spied several huge footprints


Video: Unsolved Mysteries BIGFOOT in Oregon

Suspect this has been around for a while, but never watched this documentary-style video about the Oregon Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Interesting eye-witness interviews, kind of makes me want to go to Oregon, when’s the next flight? Bigfoot, also known as sasquatch, is the name given to an


Provo Canyon Bigfoot Video

Video of what could be Bigfoot hiding behind a bush, or could it be a bear? Or perhaps just somebody in a suit? It’s interesting to note the people in the film don’t appear to be acting, unless they are acting trying not to look


So the Yeti exists?

So DNA tests on the (Yeti) hair samples from Siberia seem to suggest there is an unknown creature, not human, but more human than a monkey! Whatever than means!?


Video: The Many Calls Of The Hairy Beast!

This is a great compilation of noises, voices and video clips of the Hairy Beast!

AKA Bigfoot Sasquatch Yeti “Abominable Snowman” Knobby Yowie “Skunk Ape Honey Island” “Swamp Monster” Omah Windigo “Orang Pendek” Tokeloshe “Wild Man” Mapinguary “Swamp Ape” to name but a few!


Video: Bigfoot seen in North Carolina?

Another suspicious looking video of Bigfoot — kind of looks like somebody in a suit and they don’t appear to be making any effort to disguess the fact! Could it be Bigfoot is trying to look like us humans!? On the evening of Tuesday, March


The Erickson Project aka Sasquatch the Quest Documentary

The eagerly awaited documentary about the Erickson Project — also known as the ‘Sasquatch, the Quest’ is nearing completion and will hopefully be released soon. The release of the documentary will coincide with the release of the DNA findings — but will they prove Bigfoot really exists?


300 People Search Uwharrie National Forest for Bigfoot!

Around 300 people got together at the weekend (19th – 20th February 2011) to search Uwharrie National Forest for Bigfoot!

The expedition into the Uwharrie National Forest to hunt for the elusive creature was led by longtime Bigfoot researcher Michael Greene, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization leader Matt Moneymaker and a team from the cable and satellite TV channel Animal Planet.

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Mogollon Monster – Arizona’s bigfoot?

The Mogollon Monster is Arizona’s version of Bigfoot. Sightings have been reported by outdoors men, forestry workers, and laymen alike, but unlike other areas, this bigfoot has attacked and mauled people. Reports and sightings started in the early 1900s and continue to this day, however

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Could Bigfoot be living in East Texas?

Tyler’s Caldwell Auditorium (Texas) played host to the 10th Annual Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy Conference at the weekend. Bigfoot fans and experts came from across the country to sort through latest findings and to separate fact from fiction surrounding the legend of Bigfoot. A 44

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Bigfoot video from Manitoba, Canada (maybe?)

Another classic peace of Bigfoot footage – a blurry blob! You have to wonder if the person shooting the footage was just too excited to realise everything was out of focus? Or was it done on purpose? A hoax? Maybe? Maybe not? Your thoughts and

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Gum Hill Beast (Bigfoot) Video?

Questionable footage of Bigfoot type creatures are always cropping up. The latest video to do the rounds is this, the Beast of Gum Hill. Footage of The Beast Of Gum Hill while ATV riding on 04/05/09 at approximately 6:30pm. This is the 2nd time I

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New evidence confirms Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot is Fake!

Hot news! A new stash of evidence, including signed letters, photographs and possibly even new film footage, confirms the October 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot is fake! The alleged letters and photos confirm that a local actor was hired to wear an ape-suit, and there were at

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Sony’s “Capture the Truth” Nessie, Bigfoot and UFO adverts

If you look closely at these “Capture the Truth” adverts for Sony’s new (expensive) camera(s), you will see the telltale signs that you have indeed, captured the truth! The Nessie ad is obviously based on Surgeon’s Loch Ness Monster photograph – although unlike Surgeon’s model/submarine, Sony has gone for an inflatable alternative.

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No, I haven’t been abducted

It has been very quiet around here of late and I would like to apologies to everybody who has been wondering where I have been. The short answer is that I haven’t been anywhere, I have simply gone and found myself a 9 to 5

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Nasa hunting the Chupacabra?

There is news that there has been some ‘armed’ searches in Chile and Argentina for a hominoid creature said to be responsible for a spate of animal killings and attacks on humans. The alleged creature, more commonly know as the Chupacabra is believed to be

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Johor Bigfoot remnant of Homo-Erectus?

Biodiversity expert Vincent Chow has put forward the theory that if the Johor Bigfoot does exists, then it is probably a remnant of Homo-Erectus. It’s believed Malaysia, Indonesia and China once formed a single land mass. According to Chow’s theory, Homo-Erectus used moved from place