UFO photographed over Edgware, London

A UFO has been caught on camera in broad daylight flying over Edgware.

UFO over Edgware

UFO over Edgware

Mark Lawes snapped the mysterious odject on Tuesday 23rd June 2009 just after 7pm, and has upload the pictures to his Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marklawes

Mark writes: Time was 19:11 23/06/2009 Edgware London UK looking NNE. The Sun was 90 degrees west. No clouds clear sky. A glint in the sky caught my eye, this object was so far away I had trouble seeing it. I watched it for about 2 mins and it remained in the same place throughout. Decided to run for the camera, managed to locate it in the same place and focused camera best poss with 150mm digital lense on a Olympus E500 SLR. I took several continuous bursts and this is the result. It was not a plane I see plenty of them living near Heathrow Airport(15 miles). This was strange, didn’t move and the pictures now seem to mystify it more. I ran and got my binoculars and within 10 seconds of turning my back… it was gone.

Did anybody else see it, or have an explanation?


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