UFO photographed over Bournemouth Dorset (UK)

Dorset UFO

UFO photographed over Bournemouth, Dorset (UK)

An unidentified flying object photographed over Bournemouth has been dubbed a military Thunderbird!

The photograph, taken by professional photographer Mark Wild, has been likened to the space ship Thunderbird 3 as it appears to be a similar orange/red colour.

The picture has caused quite a stir amongst UFO experts, as it was taken during the day and appears to show the structure of the object, which is a classic UFO shape. This is in contrast to the usual UFO photos, which are normally taken at night and only show blurry fuzzy lights in the night sky.

By a strange coincident, the UFO was photographed on the same day the Ministry of Defence released a file that showed UFO sightings have doubled last year.

Keep looking up, and have you camera ready!

Source: PHOTO: Briton Photographs UFO Over Dorset


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