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Lion or just a Cat?

Everybody seems to have gone big cat crazy after an alleged Lion was seen in Essex (UK). News sites, Facebook and Twitter were a buzz with reports and sightings, several pictures appeared online, but was it really a Lion? A big scruffy domestic cat? Or just a stuffed toy!?


UK UFO Files Released 2012 (Videos)

The new batch of declassified UFO files appear to contain some interesting information. Although there is some obvious hoaxes and miss identifications, the documents suggest that if the UFOs were real, they might be tourists. There is also a suggestion that if a UFO could be captured, then it might be possible to weaponise the technology!


Dead Baby Fox

I found a dead baby fox while walking my dog today. There was an adult fox nearby which I am guessing was its mother. It couldn’t have been very old as it still had its eyes closed, but it had obviously been dead a while


Video: Meteor seen across Britain, 3rd March 2012

A huge meteor was seen across most of Britain last night (Saturday 3rd March 2012) and sparked concerns that a plane had crashed…

We had a report last night saving a strange light had been seen over Stockport: “just seen what i first thought was a comet across the sky over stockport. i was on the porch when i saw this circular object traveling at a amazing rate of knots from north to south”…


Top 10 Weird Stories from 2011

It’s that time of year again!
Below is a round up of the 10 most viewed posts on Cryptoworld over the last year. UFOs and Thylacines are still hot topics — what will be hot for 2012?

Crazy Foam is Snow Joke!

Foam Storm is Snow Joke for residents of Cleveleys

Strong westerly winds have churned up a foamy storm and is causing havoc or residents of Cleveleys, a popular Lancashire tourist spot near Blackpool. 90mph winds blew foam up to 3 feet deep in places – but the foam is far from fun, as it’s


Leatherback turtle spotted off Scotland

The crew and researchers onboard a routine cetacean research survey in Scotland were treated to an encounter with a Leatherback Turtle.

While crossing the Minch on Sunday 5th June, between Skye and Harris, a massive Leatherback turtle, measuring about 1.5 metres, was spotted to the delight of all onboard.


Big Cat spotted near New Farm Loch Scotland

A large Black Cat with glowing eyes has been spotted near New Farm Loch, North-East of Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland. Unfortunately there are no pictures, but the cat appears to have killed a roe deer, which it was eating at the time of the sighting.


UK Adders, Toads and Lizards are disappearing!

New study suggests Adders, toads and lizards are disappearing from UK. Other amphibians and reptiles are also under threat.

Slow worms, common lizards and grass snakes are also becoming less widespread, as are the common toad, common frog and the great crested newt.


Bownessie Monster sighted again Feb 25th 2011

The Lake Windermere monster known as Bow-nessie (Bownessie) has been seen again, less than a wek after being spotted and photographed by a couple kayaking.

Holidaymaker Brian Arton described seeing something ‘dark with humps’ sitting 300 yards out on the surface of Lake Windermere.

And he said it exactly matched the picture taken five days earlier by kayaker Tom Pickles


Video: Interesting Triangle UFO filmed over UK, Feb 17th 2011

Another interesting Triangle set of lights, this time filmed over ‪Cleadon, South Shields England‬. I’m beginning to think the RAF/Military (UK, US or another!?) definitely have something new which keeps being filmed. I was walking the dog on Cleadon Hills when i noticed three lights


Voldemort Cat Finds Home!

What the heck… an ugly cat who scared off potential owners because he looked too much like Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort has finally found a new home.

Vets had removed both his ears and nose in a bid to clear him of skin cancer.


Sheep, more clever than first thought!

This is barrrrmy, a new study has shown that sheep, perticulary welsh sheep are more clever than we first thought. The study even suggests some sheep might be as smart, possibly even smarter than the average human!

Scientists at the University of Cambridge found that Welsh mountain sheep can map their surroundings, and may even be able to plan ahead.


Dorset UFOs 2008 – 2010

Dorset, like most counties in the UK has its fare share of UFO sightings, most go unpublished and are never investigated properly. Here at Cryptoworld, we have received a few reports, but not as many as we would like.

Attached is a small list of UFO reports and stories published in the Dorset Echo between 2008 and 2010, which may help shed some light of other sightings during that time.


Conker Trees threatened by Moth!

A common insect called the leaf miner moth (Cameraria ohridella) does more long-term damage to conker trees (horse chestnut) than thought.

Previously the moth was thought to cause only cosmetic damage, but a study published in the journal Urban Forestry & Urban Greening shows the moth larvae attack the tree’s leaves, reducing their ability to capture sunlight and turn it into food