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Video: UFOs over Tasmania, Australia

Interesting unidentified lights filmed over Mayfield by Brendon Hill from his home in Riverside (Tasmania) Australia.

The lights flashed white and green for several minutes before turning out in the sky high above the tree line.


Do’h! Artist Andrew Smith claims responsibility for Utah Lights!

Utah lights were just Helium Balloons and Flares, not UFOs or Secret Military Aircraft clames local artist Andrew Smith.

Smith says he experiments with art all the time from machines, water, to lights and now apparently flares. The Lehi man won’t say exactly how he gets those strange lights up in the sky but he admits he uses helium, flares along with some other sorts of apparatuses.


Video: UFO over Montreal Canada Feb 17th 2011

Strangle light (UFO) filmed over over Montreal Canada on February 17th 2011. Also strange noises on the recording, guess there is a child somewhere near by? Weird! Sorry, the video is no longer available – unless anybody managed to download it? Comment: Daytime UFO video


UFO in Cuernavaca, Mexico Feb 2011

Another interesting video of strange lights, possibly a triangle shape? This time over Mexico… sorry, I must warn you about the music on this video – no idea why people dumb such rubbish!

UFOs seem to cast rays. The place that has the greatest impact appears to be close to a farm located on the shores of Mexico Cuernavaca highway.


Video: UFO over Capelle aan den IJssel (Holland)

Unfortunately the date and time is unknown, and it has a chinese lantern feel to it, but it’s an interesting video.

Footage above Capelle aan den IJssel (Netherlands). Recorder with a Canon 5d MarkII highdefenition recording.


Triangle UFO Lights, Riverside, California, Feb 14th 2011

More an more lights, this time filmed over Riverside in California, again on Valentines day. The lights look red, but the commentary in the video suggest they are more amber. The lights appear to fade out, rather than drift away or just disappear. Check the


More Valentine UFO Lights, France Feb 14th 2011

More bizarre lights, this time filmed over France on the 14th February 2011 (Valentines Day). The first set of 3 lights almost look like they are in a triangle formation, the following lights all seem to resemble Chinese style lanters. Think it might be worth

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Strange Lights everywhere, Lanterns, Military or UFOs?

More and more people are seeing strange lights (orange balls of fire) all over Britain, they have even been seen in parts of Europe. But what are they? My first thoughts are that they are just Chinese Lanterns, as they have become very popular over

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20+ UFOs spotted over Lincoln UK

This close-encounter snap was taken by engineer Paul Slight on his mobile phone at about 10.30pm on 31 May 2009, as he was coming home from a day out cycling with friends in Lincoln when they spotted the lights in the sky. The objects were

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Indonesian UFOs? No, paper lanterns released by Buddhist

Paper lanterns are a common sight around the world these days, and probably the cause of many UFO and Orange Balls of Light sightings. Buddhists release paper lanterns near Borobudur temple during Vesak celebrations. The annual holiday honours the birth, Enlightenment, and passing of the

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Strange lights spotted over Guernsey

A commercial airline pilot from one plane and passengers from another have reported that they saw two bright yellow flat disc shapes, estimated to be twice the size of a Boeing 737, in the sky near Guernsey. John Spencer, deputy chairman of the British UFO

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Mysterious lights seen over London

Residents in Islngton and Archway (London) spotted dozens of mysterious lights in the sky on Thursday evening, which appears to have caused a bit of panic. A story in the Islington Gazette reports 10 to 15 lights were seen moving in a southerly direction before

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Torquay couple spot Mysterious lights

Colin Headworth and his wife watched with amazement, as five red glowing lights moved erratically in the night sky over Brixham harbour. They first spotted three lights around 1.45am on August the 13th. They had a soft amber glow, similar to the colour of a

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Weird lights (UFOs) follow Russian plane

Passengers aboard an internal flight in Russian believe that their plane was being tailed by a convoy of UFOs. Although not visible with the naked eye, they lights (UFOs) where more than visible on their digital cameras and mobile phones. Experts so far haven’t given

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Orange balls of light seem over South London

Crowds of people gathered in Balham and Tooting (South London) last week to watch two sets of orange lights fly in formation across the night sky. The lights were seen shortly before midnight on Friday (4th August). Four lights were seen moving across the night