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NASA heading back to the moon?

So, sounds like NASA might be heading back to the moon. I personal think it’s about time we started exploring space, as a kid watching Space 1999 I really thought we would be out there by now, living and exploring space!


Cool Pic of Curiosity Mars Rover at Lading Site

Great picture of the Curiosity Mars Rover, taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter… if it can take pics like this, why no high-res shots of the alleged face? This color-enhanced view — taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance


Mystery Hole found on Mars

A weird hole on Mars has been discovered — the 35 meter opening is very strange and there doesn’t appear to be a logical explanation. The hole in the middle of a depression (crater) appears to have a opening (cave) about 20 meters deep.


China planes to go to the moon!

China has hinted at manned missions to the moon in the past, but has now confirmed it wants to send an astronaut there – but there’s no planned time-line, but it is unlikely to happen before 2020 China has declared its intention to land an


Video: Massive Solar Eruption 7th June 2011

Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured a massive eruption on the Sun. The event took place early Tuesday morning (7th June 2011) and sparked all sorts of fears from the end of the world to concerns the solar flare may cause disruption to communication systems around the globe, although the angle of the eruption probably means effects on Earth will probably be small.


China plans Space Station by 2020

Amazing, China plans to build a rival to the International Space Station, and aims to have it in orbit by 2020. I say amazing, as it’s less than 10 years ago that China put a human in space.

You have to wonder which country will be the first to walk on the surface of Mars?


Project CARET – Reverse Engineered UFOs or just a hoax?

This has been around for years, but I stumbled across it again recently and started wondering if there is any truth in it?

Are the military, or perhaps an unknown private organisation — reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology?

5 videos, which together form Case 47204 Reverse Engineering, part of the UFO Hunters show that aired on the History channel.


Apollo 18, Why We Never Went Back!

One to watch? and the reason why we never went back to the moon!

A found footage style film about a fictional post-Apollo 17 mission to the Moon that takes on a premise of why we never went back. The plot involves a government cover up of the Apollo 18 mission after aliens on Earth’s Moon discovered the crew and began to kill them off one by one.


Space Shuttle Discovery prepares for final flight

The Space Shuttle Discovery has made its final 5.4km (3.4-mile) crawl to the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Pad and is now being made-ready for its final flight, which is currently scheduled to begin on 24 February.

During Discovery’s final spaceflight, the crew members will take important spare parts to the International Space Station along with the Express Logistics Carrier-4.

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Interesting Guide to Identifying UFOs!

This is an interesting video with several plausible theories for UFOs, both man-made and extraterrestrial! Video Caption: This video goes over a list of now declassified (and unclassified) Top Secret Military Aircraft, & tries to provide answers to some reported UFO cases.

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Cryptoworld’s 10 Hottest stories from May 2009

1) UFOs and Helicopters filmed near Horn Lake (Video) Interesting video of unknown lights and what appears to be a lot of helicopters over Horn Lake, south of Memphis (exact location unknown). Half way through the video 3 new lights seem to appear out of

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Collection of NASA Anomalies – aka UFOs

This is a great compilation of NASA footage showing unknown objects. Some just happen to pass by the field of view, while others appear to be purposly tracked and discussed by NASA. What are they? Does NASA know? The answer is probably yes. Are they

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Another UFO filmed by NASA?

More and more strange objects are being seen in the video footage of NASA missions. It could be just debris or some other inecent object like a flash light. But as usually, NASA seems to keep quiet while the “unknown” object floats past – which just helps to fuel the conspiracy

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NASA says its found water on Mars!

So NASA hasn’t surprised us with evidence of monuments or alien artefacts on Mars, but it does believe it has evidence of ‘recent’ flowing liquid water on its surface. See our earlier story NASA to Announce Significant Find on Mars! In a press conference this