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Vampire attacks man in wheelchair!

Another Vampire story and totally weird, a 22 year old women attached a 69 year old guy who feel asleep in his motorised wheelchair!

Apparently the two were sheltering from the rain when Milton Ellis fell asleep, only to be woken when Josephine Smith had pounced on him claiming she was a vampire and wanted to eat him!


Video: The Dancing Pig!

OK, this has been around for years, well since 1907 in fact! It’s freaky as hell, but I bet you can’t stop watching it!

A pig dressed in fancy clothes flirts with a pretty girl, but she humiliates him and tears off his suit; she then makes him dance for her affections.


Jabberwocky – Video and Poem

The Cryptid “Jabberwocky” — Could such a monster exists!?

What is the Jabberwocky? It’s a poem of nonsense verse written by Lewis Carroll, originally featured as a part of his novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1872).


El Chupacabra Mystery Definitively Solved – Maybe!?

I thought this had already been explained, but then again — has it really be explained now?

Benjamin Radford, author of several books on monsters and paranormal phenomena, managing editor of the journal The Skeptical Inquirer and LiveScience columnist, has released what he says to be definitive proof that El Chupacabra is not real; it’s not even a hoax, he said, but rather a leftover memory of a science-fiction film.


What the? Soviet Surgeon removes his own Appendix!

I worked without gloves. It was hard to see. The mirror helps, but it also hinders — after all, it’s showing things backwards. I work mainly by touch. The bleeding is quite heavy, but I take my time — I try to work surely.

At the worst moment of removing the appendix I flagged: my heart seized up and noticeably slowed; my hands felt like rubber.


Book Bound Human Skin goes on display!

A grim read indeed! A 1852 copy of The Poetical Works of John Milton, which is bound in human skin, is about to go on display at a crime and punishment exhibition in Exeter, which is part of Devon’s annual Local History Day.

When Devon murderer George Cudmore was sentenced to hang at the Lent Assizes in 1830, he knew that part of his sentence was that his dead body would be taken to an Exeter hospital to be dissected.


Invisible Beam Weapon announced to break up prison riots!

This is truly scary, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced its intent to use the Assault Intervention Device (AID) on prisoners in the Pitchess Detention Center in Los Angeles, stating its intent to use it in “operational evaluation” in situations such as breaking up prisoner

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Joggers attacked by Buzzards!

Joggers have been left bloodied and scarred following a spate of attacks by buzzards. It is like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, with unsuspecting victims swooped on by avian attackers. Stuart Urquhart, a solicitor from Bristol, was on holiday with his wife and

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Australian Ghost Bats filmed for first time

The Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas), also known as the False Vampire Bat is a bat endemic to Australia, named for the extremely thin membrane of its wings that makes it appear ghostly at night. The Ghost Bat is the only carnivorous bat in Australia and

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Native American tooth ‘bling’ skull discovered

A new study has shown how Native Americans had sophisticated knowledge of tooth anatomy, which allowed them to perform some remarkable dentistry, adding semiprecious gems to their teeth. The study show how they were adding “bling” to their teeth as far back as 2,500 years

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Elongated Skulls discovered in Siberia

Archaeologists have found a set of elongated skulls buried in Siberia. Artificial cranial deformation or artificial deformation of the skull is any practice of intentionally deforming the skull of a human being. It is done by distorting the normal growth of a child’s skull by

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Nasty, Pet Camel Kills Owner

This sounds very nasty indeed. Apparently an Australian woman has been killed by her pet camel after it tried to have sex with her! This has to be a Fortean moment if ever I have heard of one. It’s just a shame that it is

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Nasa hunting the Chupacabra?

There is news that there has been some ‘armed’ searches in Chile and Argentina for a hominoid creature said to be responsible for a spate of animal killings and attacks on humans. The alleged creature, more commonly know as the Chupacabra is believed to be

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Mystery Beast Frenzy

As most of you will no-doubt be aware, yesterday was definitely Maine Mutant day! Loren Coleman over at Cryptomundo has written up an impressive account of the days events, including local television comments, an email delude, international TV interviews, website overloads, speculation, gossip and t-shirts

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Mystery beast kills 3 dogs in Canada

A mystery creature, possibly of the lake-monster kind has been blamed for the killings of three dogs, and the disappearance of another four, in a northern Manitoba reserve in Canada.

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Animal lets young eat its skin

Very pleasant indeed, the Boulengerula taitanus, a worm-like amphibian from south-east Kenya was first identified back in 1935. But it is only recently that scientist have discovered its unusual parenting habits!