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Can You Speak Venusian?

Can You Speak Venusian?

Down a rabbit hole today I remembered I have a signed copy of Patrick Moore’s Can You Speak Venusian? Which lead me to search YouTube for this little gem! Excerpt of guy speaking Venusian on One Pair Of Eyes with Patrick Moore from 1969 –

Bella Coola Bigfoot

Bigfoot tracks found in Bella Coola, BC Canada

Sasquatch/Bigfoot prints found outside a house in Bella Coola, BC Canada on Feb 19th 2013. At least one mold/cast was made of the 17 inch foot prints. On the morning of Tuesday, February 19, Obie Mack looked out his window and spied several huge footprints

Bright Orange Light, South Africa

UFO sightings increase over Cape Town

UFO (Unidentified Objects!) sightings have increased dramatically over the last few months off the coast of Cape Town. Most are Orange glowing objects (which could just indicate an increase in the use of Chinese lanterns), but some appear to hover and radically change direction. Gert


Provo Canyon Bigfoot Video

Video of what could be Bigfoot hiding behind a bush, or could it be a bear? Or perhaps just somebody in a suit? It’s interesting to note the people in the film don’t appear to be acting, unless they are acting trying not to look


So the Yeti exists?

So DNA tests on the (Yeti) hair samples from Siberia seem to suggest there is an unknown creature, not human, but more human than a monkey! Whatever than means!?


Lion or just a Cat?

Everybody seems to have gone big cat crazy after an alleged Lion was seen in Essex (UK). News sites, Facebook and Twitter were a buzz with reports and sightings, several pictures appeared online, but was it really a Lion? A big scruffy domestic cat? Or just a stuffed toy!?


Face of Jesus found in Tree Stump!

Another spooky face of Jesus, this time found on a tree stump in a Belfast City Cemetery!

The stump looks old and some have suggested it’s just a charcoal drawing, possibly made by a local artist?


Utah Goat Man Solved

Well, it turns out the Goat Man mystery is solved, It was a hunter preparing for an archery hunt! Although it’s not really clear why he was wearing the suit… something about blending in with the goats!