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Dinosaur Eggs

Hundreds of Dinosaur Egg Fossils found in Spain

Hundreds of dinosaur fossil eggs have been discovered in Spain and may shed new light on dinosaur nesting habits. Researchers in northeastern Spain say they’ve uncovered hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils, including four kinds that had never been found before in the region. The eggs

Tasmanian Tiger sightings near Byron Bay

Video: Tasmanian Tiger sightings near Byron Bay?

Great video interview of a Gary Opit who clames to have seen a Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine). Only problem is that it’s not clear when or where the sighting happened… From the video description it says he’s from Yelgun near Byron Bay, New South Wales.


Tasmanian Tigers couldn’t kill Sheep!

So the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) has finally been cleared of killing sheep – but the news comes 75 years too late! New studies suggests the Tasmanian Tiger’s jaw was not strong enough to kill sheep and the bounty on their heads was unjust!

This month also marks the sad death of the last captive Tasmanian Tiger, know as Benjamin.


Marsupial Wolf or Tasmanian Tiger?

Its head and body looked like a dog, yet its striped coat was cat-like.

Confused? So the Tasmanian Tiger was definitely cat-like, not dog-like or wolf-like, but at the end of the day it’s still a marsupial!? Is that right?


Giant Ant Fossil Found

A giant ant growing over 5cm (2in) long crossed the Arctic during hot periods in the Earth’s history, scientists say, using land bridges between continents.

Little is known about how these ants lived or what they ate – but wings are present on the fossils. They are found, in Europe and now in Wyoming.


UK Adders, Toads and Lizards are disappearing!

New study suggests Adders, toads and lizards are disappearing from UK. Other amphibians and reptiles are also under threat.

Slow worms, common lizards and grass snakes are also becoming less widespread, as are the common toad, common frog and the great crested newt.


Video: Thylacine Sighting from Jan 2009?

Part of a video by Murray McAllister’s of an unidentified animal taken in January 2009 in Gippsland Victoria Australia with a hand held camera at a distance of 800m.

Could this be the famous exstinct Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger)?


Top 10 Stories from 2010

Well, not sure where 2010 has gone!?
Below is a round up of the 10 most viewed posts on Cryptoworld over the last year. Interestingly, UFOs and Thylacines are still hot topics — what will be hot for 2011?


Giant Stork fossil found on Hobbit Island!

A giant marabou stork has been discovered on an island once home to human-like ‘hobbits’. Fossils of the bird were discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores, a place previously famed for the discovery of Homo floresiensis, a small hominin species closely related to modern


Video: Tasmanian Tiger sighing from 2009

This is an 8 second clip from Murray McAllister’s exclussive footage of a recent sighting of the Tasmanian Tiger (April 2009). Murray filmed almost 9 minutes of footage of what could be evidence of surviving Tasmanian Tigers! Murray has been searching for evidence of the

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Gigantic Scorpion fossil found

A cast is being made of tracks left by a two-metre long ancient animal in north east Fife. The tracks were made by a giant six-legged “sea scorpion” called Hibbertopterus as it crawled over damp sand about 330 million years ago. It is the largest

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Americas Oldest Art Found on Mammoth Bone?

The Americas’ oldest known artist may have been an Ice Age hunter in what is now Florida, according to an anthropologist who has examined a 13,000-year-old bone etching. The carved bone, which depicts a walking mammoth, was found near Vero Beach in east-central Florida. The

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Milk and Feces found in preserved baby Mammoth

I’m completely amazed by this story of the baby mammoth that was found frozen a few years ago in Russia (check out the video below). Fecal residue and traces of prehistoric milk have been found in the digestive track of an almost perfectly preserved baby

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Cryptoworld’s Hot 10 from March 2009

1) O’Hare UFO video surfaces – is it real? After two years, a video has surfaced and is claimed to be the actual UFO from O’Hare! Watch the Video here >>> 2) Another UFO filmed by NASA? More and more strange objects are being seen

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Giant Toothy Seabird fossils discovered

The intact fossilized skull of a giant, bony-toothed seabird that lived 10 million years ago has been found on Peru’s arid southern coast. The fossil is the best-preserved cranium ever found of a pelagornithid, a family of large seabirds believed to have gone extinct some

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What was Hot in February 2009

February has now passed, mad March is here and signs of spring are everywhere. Around the 1st of every month I plan to post a quick list of the most popular stories from the previous month. This months list includes Giant Snakes, UFOs and Tasmanian

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Extinct Philippines Buttonquail Spotted, then Eaten!

This is unbelievable! A rare quail from the Philippines, the Worcester’s Buttonquail was photographed for the first time (ever) before unfortunately being sold as food at a poultry market, experts say. The rare bird was spotted on the credits a DVD documentary called Bye-Bye Birdies. The