Isle of Purbeck Big Cat Sighting?

Black Cat?

Do big cats live wild in the UK?

A couple allegedly spotted the large animal cross the road while they were driving at the weekend (possibly Saturday afternoon). They stopped their car at the spot where the creature entered the hedge and looked in – too their surprise a large cats face was looking back at them!

I know the approximate location, but nothing else at the moment – but I am hoping to speak to the witnesses this afternoon and visit the area where the large cat was seen.

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Update: After spending 2 hours walking around the alleged Big Cat sighting area, I must conclude I haven’t found any evidence… yet! I say yet, as I intend to re-visit the area again at the weekend, as there could conceivable be a chance that something is out there!


  1. Mervyn Down March 11, 2009
  2. David Churchill March 12, 2009

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