Helena Bonham Carter poses naked with a Tuna

Helena Bonham Carter has posed naked with a tuna in aid of the Blue Marine Foundation campaign against over-fishing.

The actress said she “truly bonded” with the 27kg big-eye tuna despite having a phobia of fish.

The photoshoot was in aid of a Blue Marine Foundation campaign against over-fishing.

Greta Scacchi got naked with a cod last year, but her relationship with the fish didn’t appear quite so intense.

Bonham Carter said: “I’m actually very phobic about fish so when Greta asked me to be photographed naked with a 27kg tuna I was more worried about touching it than getting my kit off.

Source: OK

Blue Marine Foundation

Celebs join call to protect UK seas and wildlife (link)
More than 100 celebrities, scientists and environmental leaders have backed a campaign urging the UK government to create vast marine reserves around three overseas territories.
The UK has the fifth largest marine zone in the world, mostly around the Overseas Territories, and by fully protecting waters off Ascension Island, the Pitcairn Islands, and South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands more than 1.75 million km² of ocean would be safeguarded.
Helena Bonham Carter, Gillian Anderson and Greta Scacchi are among the celebrities to have signed an open letter [published below] backing the campaign by a coalition of conservation and science groups calling for action.

Support the campaign here: www.fishlove.co.uk


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