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Apollo 18, Why We Never Went Back!

One to watch? and the reason why we never went back to the moon!

A found footage style film about a fictional post-Apollo 17 mission to the Moon that takes on a premise of why we never went back. The plot involves a government cover up of the Apollo 18 mission after aliens on Earth’s Moon discovered the crew and began to kill them off one by one.

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New Book about the Thunderbird, Kongamato and Ropen

The CFZ have released a new book Big Bird! – Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters, telling the story of modern day sightings of monster birds such as the Thunderbird, Kongamato and Ropen. CFZ press release: 30 years ago; in 1977 something incredible happened to the


The Lore of the Land

It appears to contain almost every myth, legend and ghost story ever told in England… A magnificent county-by-county exploration of England’s legendary past, from the field of the forty footsteps in London’s Bloomsbury to the Derbyshire tale of Haddon Hall.